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YES! This is a complete set of FOUR center cap overlays! You do NOT need to add FOUR to your shopping cart! They fit both the 18″ and 20″ wheels.

You’ve rebadged the front and back of your Telluride and now you need to cover that cheap looking KIA logo on the wheels. Here’s the number one solution to your problem! These Kia Telluride center caps fit ANY Telluride wheel and have a classy, but OEM style look, as it uses Kia’s own vintage K design brought back to life by Loden. Same day shipping makes this purchase a no brainer for anyone who wants what they buy right away…

Please note: These wheel center caps are no joke! They’re not your typical sticker or decal. They’re ULTRA high quality made of thin but sturdy material. They don’t bend – and they don’t need to. The fit perfectly over the KIA wheel caps. These products will effectively cover up your KIA emblems. Each piece comes covered with a thin, protective layer that you should peel off after installation.

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Look, I’m not bragging – it’s not like I created these wheel center cap overlays myself – but these things are seriously awesome! These center cap overlays install cleanly, perfectly, match the design and shape of the emblem that’s already there – and just look great.

Not only do these pieces look great, they feel great. Before you even put them on your wheels, you’ll know they’re high quality items. Seriously, if you’re looking for center cap overlays that are as high quality as the car you’re putting them on – look no further.

Furthermore, you don’t need to feel bad about covering the KIA logo on your wheels – because this is an OEM “design” using Kia’s very own “Vintage K” used in Europe. It’s not like you’re putting some fake badges on your expensive car. So add a set to your cart! I’ll have them out to you immediately – because that’s the way I do things…

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