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  1. C

    Want a Telluride

    We tried over the summer and dealerships wanted money down on cars that were coming in date to be determined. We really wanted to sit in one and drive... Went yesterday found one we love and would have bought... but almost $6000 over MSRP for market adjustment... has anyone heard of this? Do you...
  2. Telluride Forum

    For those of you who were waiting for the Hyundai Palisade - here's the pricing...

    Starting at $31,550 for the SE and going to $46,400 for the Limited with AWD:
  3. Chwtom

    What did you pay for your KIA Telluride?

    Wondering about expectations for price off msrp—my dealer is now taking orders but will only do it for msrp. Any ideas about negotiating price or expected rebates/incentives? Are other Kia models discounted much?
  4. S

    Kia Telluride USA Price

    OK this is a big guessing game. What do you think the Telluride will cost in the US? I mean to start. The Sorrento starts at $25990. You can load it up to about $48000. My guess for the first year the Telluride starts at $36000 and loaded moves deep into the $50000 range. What do you think?