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Basic Questions About Wheels


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I love that Tire Rack finally features the visualizer for the Telluride and I finally feel like I can make some progress with putting 20" wheels on my EX because at least it tells me what will fit and I can even see what it will look like now. Still lost on all the variables though so I have some questions for the more knowledgeable members of this forum.

Of the various sets of wheels I'm looking at on Tire Rack, the offsets range from 20mm to 45mm. What practical difference does this make? Which one would push the wheels towards the outside? And other than the wheel placement relative to the fender, how might offset affect the ride/performance of the vehicle?

I know the stock wheel is 7.5 but some of the listed options on Tire Rack go up to 9. Again, what practical difference does this make? All of the Tire Rack listed options recommend a 245/50-20 tire so I'm trying figure out what the difference is when the same tire is fit on a 7.5 wheel compared to a 9 wheel.

If someone could walk me through this, I'd be grateful. Thanks!
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Go to and click on the offset calculator. It will compare what you want to put on vs the factory widths and offsets. It will tell you how much the new wheels will push outward or inward and how much inner clearance you loss or gain.
Wheel Offset Calculator | Discount Online Tire and Wheel Store
The factory wheels are usually 7.5 wide and the offset is 49.5. At least this is what measurements are on the the SX 20 inch wheel according to my research. I have seem a lot of people happy with 8.5 - 9.0 inch wide wheels with offsets ranging from 35 - 40mm.
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