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Checklist at Pickup


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So excited - got the call that my Black Copper/Dune SXP will be ready for pickup on Dec 21. (ordered 8/24). These forums have been incredibly helpful. I just want to make sure I check off everything on my list because we are leaving the dealership for a 5 hour road trip.
1. check tire pressure
2. ask that they not update the system - it seems there have been more issues than fixes with the new update?
3. I want to clear coat it - is there anything I need to do special before that or not have the dealership do? I wasn't clear on that for sure.
4. Check the heating and ventilation on all the seats to make sure they stay on for more that 30 seconds
5. I've already ordered a replacement kit for the reverse tail lights.
Am I forgetting anything else??
Thanks to everyone for posting all this great information!! Y'all are so helpful!
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What do you mean clear coat? Do you mean ceramic? Or PPF (paint protection film)? If PPF, do the PPF first and then the ceramic on top of PPF.

Before doing any ceramic or PPF, make sure the paint is clean and there aren't any imperfections. Use a clay bar and wax remover. If imperfections exist in the paint (swirls, scratches, etc), after claying then it needs some level of paint correction before applying the PPF.


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Well.. ...I don't have mine yet, but.......have taken delivery of 30 cars in the past 51 years and would offer this advice: DO check the tire pressure because all are often shiped over inflated, cars are "electronic beasts" today...updates MUST be done or you risk "unknown issues"....with regard to the rest of your points ( 3, 4, and 5) I would do the 5hr road trip, relax and think about it all......clear coating is questionable as to what it REALLY does do for you....the heating and ventilation of the seats DOES need to work correctly , but you can fix that when you get back home IF it's not working right........and, I have not had ANY car in the past 20yrs that have had decent reverse lights!