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Need some help with wheel/tire sizes


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I need some advice on which tire/wheel sizes would work best for my setup. I will be installing the 2" lift kit from Truxxx, and then I'm going to be adding some new wheels/tires. I'm going for the offroad look, so I'm leaning towards the Black Rhinos either the Boxer or Warlord.

I'm stuck trying to decide between an 18" wheel with 265/60R18 tires, or a 17" wheel with 265/65R17 tires... From what I can tell, the size will be nearly the same with either option. So does it just come down to looks? Or is there a benefit to going with smaller wheel/larger tire, or vice versa?

Attached a couple photos.. The white Telly is running the 17" Black Rhinos, and the grey one is running the 18"... Both have the 2" Truxxx lift installed.

Any input you have on which might be a better ride, etc... would be appreciated.


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