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New from the Tampa Bay area


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Hey guys, just bought an SX a couple days ago. I Got my dates messed up on my lease turn in and had one day to get it turned in. I had been looking at Wranglers and was set to buy a Jeep MOAB but the price at $56k just had been bothering me in the back of my head for some reason. Plus, o knew that’d be just the start of dumping money into the thing. In my Uber ride to the Jeep dealership I noticed a Telluride on the show platform out front. I remembered talking about the vehicle after the Super Bowl commercial and didn’t even know they were out. I had the.l driver turn me around and drop me off at the KIA dealer. I did some quick googling to get a lay of the land and an hour later I was driving off with my SX.

What a no brainer. It’s not a Jeep... it it’s certain far more vehicle. I still may get the Jeep, but just maybe a lower end model that’s not so ridiculously priced.

Anyway... glad I found this place. I actually was research what to do about the awful badging on the thing and that how I got here. That’s the first order of business - ordering badges from the store.
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