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Peeling Leather


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Good point, if there were some big issue with the Telluride we would know about it on this forum. Not to mention all the great reviews.
In less than three months since we've had the vehicle everything else has been outstanding and we are extremely pleased.

that seat looks like it had contact with something rough.
I wish they had. The only thing rubbing on that seat is scrubs or yoga pants. Upon further inspection of other seats and this panel, I can literally peel the leather off with my fingers and scratch it right off with my finger nail. Appears to be extremely fragile. I'm hoping it is just this one panel but I also noticed a few other very minor areas on another seat in the back that has never been used.

Maybe he had a scalpel in his scrubs
😂 😂 mannnnn if she's bringing scalpels home from the hospital I've got a bigger problem.
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II Kings 9:20

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I don't believe that is leather. Most cars today including high end cars have "leather seating surfaces"

That wear on the piping looks like the side vinyl. I suspect that entire side panel with the top and bottom stitching including that wear area is all vinyl.
I don't know that for certain but I really doubt that is leather. Either way, it is worn and needs to be replaced.

As an FYI, my Alfa 164 had full leather seats including the rear and even the rear map pocket was leather as evidenced by the suede lining on the inside of it.