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SX-P Audio Uncommanded Fade to Rear


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Just making the forum aware; Drove our new SX-P Nightfall on ~1500mi roadrip. Randomly and periodically along the trip, the audio system would shift all audio to rar of vehicle. These events occurred while listening to Serius/XM and on FM bands. We repeatedly checked the audio settings to ensure that balance/fader setting were all set to middle.

Effectively, driving along rockin' out and all audio would shift to rear, anywhere from 1-5 seconds, then return to full cabin audio. Speed didn't matter, as the events happened from a stop to starting, and rolling down highway at 75 and everywhere in between. The events were not regular, frequent intervals, but did happen 5-10 times along the trip.

We addressed this with our outstanding dealer, Classic Kia Carrollton, TX. The service tech "pulled the fuse and reset the audio". We have not had the occurrence again, however, we've only driven ~100 miles since.
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