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Uneven deceleration or doesn't slow down in a steady consistent and predictable manner


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I'm slowly getting used to the down-gearing and now that I have conclusively realized that this is normal for this vehicle (and many others) I wish I hadn't brought it up. Nevertheless I still don't see how someone can 'love' this, in my opinion, design flaw. It's like you're driving with the door open and then a 500 pound sumo wrestler jumps in and after 7 or so seconds jumps out again and then repeats again at another gear change. My goal when driving is to use to brakes as sparingly as possible as it's just turning fuel burnt to create forward motion into heat energy pissed away into the brake pads. Rather than allowing the car to coast freely, leaving it to me to pick the right moment to start the coast, with the aim of not touching the brake pedal and timing things so that by the time I get to the red light it's turned green again and I can just accelerate, without having ever touched the brake and turned any of my forward momentum into wasted heat and brake pad wear. The down-gearing will indeed spare your brake pads some wear but this "unnatural" deceleration is taking forward momentum energy that you have paid for and turning it into useless heat energy probably dissipated within the transmission. Having a 500 pound anything jump into your car can never be an advantage--gas consumption wise. But I work with what I have and I do use the down-gearing and hold off on using the brakes if I know a downshift point is about to kick in. Still loving the Telluride though. Another quibble that maybe deserves a thread is the hood/wiper setup that doesn't allow for the the wiper blades to be stood up for easy snow, slush and ice clearance. We aren't there yet but my prediction is that the rather deep cavity the wipers are hiding in will become a troublesome area to keep clean in winter especially without being able to move the wipers out of the way.
Ok, not sure what 500 pound sumo wrestler(?) is jumping into your vehicle and then out again but my Telly is pretty darn smooth upon deceleration. I can barely perceive the downshifts so something might be wrong with your programming in the ECU or transmission control. The Smart Mode also modifies shifting depending on your driving style so that could be a culprit. Sounds like you need the dealer to take a drive with you.
Either way you slow down (via transmission shifts or brakes) you are still scrubbing speed and if you are not pressing on the gas, you are not burning more fuel. Actually, having the transmission in the correct gear for the speed you are traveling lets you save fuel because you don't have to press the gas down as hard to get moving again or stay moving whichever it is. I do think you will get used to it and actually appreciate it in the long run. Make sure it's right by the dealer, and then get used to it.
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I came from a dual clutch in my Audi that did some serious engine braking so I am not a good one to judge. Feels smooth to me. Def not as smooth as the CVT in my wifes car but plenty smooth nonetheless.
Had the dual clutch on my Audi S7. LOVED it. Especially launch control :)


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I've noticed when using HDA and even just letting the car decelerate using SCC that it will shift into second/first which can sometimes be abrupt. My DD is a manual, and I never shift into first for that very reason, just drop it into neutral if I'm stopping, go no lower than second gear if engine braking. I was hoping HDA would be smooth since it's main selling point is that it will navigate stop/go traffic but find that manually driving the car is a more pleasant experience. Otherwise the transmission is great.

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